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Our websites employ state-of-the-art techniques and standards. We follow the changes from Google, Facebook, Twitter, W3C, and other sources. The Barcode Team reads new articles, researches the latest SEO news, explores new technologies, and deploys new features. We’re on our toes so you don’t have to be. Here’s why that matters:

Not all mobile sites are equal, and just having a simple one doesn’t always outrank not having one at all. Your mobile site has to make your visitors want to engage and develop a relationship. Your mobile site should provide the same information and services that your desktop website does. A bad mobile experience could cause prospective or current clients to avoid you altogether. Using device-based redirection, our web solutions provide a seamless transition between desktop and mobile. They often provide more functionality than most desktop sites, including local attractions and partners, touch-based searching, language translations, and integrated Google Maps. Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing game. Our solutions use SEO techniques that are so new, they aren’t yet implemented by Google. We use Rich Snippets from, Open Graph from Facebook, Rich Pins from Pinterest, and many others. We truly are a “bleeding-edge” company, and we’ll never stand still.

There’s a big difference between calling someone your partner and calling them a client. We like to think of everyone we work with as a partner. We believe that every person who uses our web solution is investing in our future. They provide us with new ideas, comments, and criticism. We are open minded to their needs and requests, often taking their hints and turning it into new features of our solutions. These new features, whether from the minds of our development team or from our partners, are always rolled out free of charge. Our partners are like a growing family to us, and we treat them as such.

Once we get your web solutions “live”, we don’t just put you on hold. We’re a modern company and we understand how annoying getting help from tech companies can be. Our support team, lead by Stacy Kennedy, is highly responsive, engaging, and supportive. We implemented modern software that lets us work and support you whether we’re at home, at the office, or on the road. We’ve handled support requests while in-flight, at business events, and on Sundays. We’re just a mobile as you are in today’s world!

We can talk all day about how we’re a mobile-first company, and what that means for you, but we’d rather you hear it from our partners. Here are some of the recent quotes we’ve heard them say, and an impromptu video interview from a partner at dinner with us:

Seriously, you guys are amazing!!! And I guess that is why you guys are the best because you are always ahead of the game and know what is going on in the industry before many of us!!! -Daniella Gold

The team at Barcode Realty is great to work with. They are the utmost professionals, handling the set-up of our websites as if we were their only clients. Thanks for the great website and service! -Jeff Rising

Written By: Anthony Powers (6 Posts)

Chief Technical Officer

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