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Barcode Publicity believes that today's best marketing strategies are built with mobile engagement at the core. We continue to stay on top of mobile and industry specific technology trends to deliver comprehensive mobile marketing solutions. Above all, we pride ourselves on delivering friendly customer service for our partners and clients.

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Barcode Publicity uses state of the art mobile development technology, innovative marketing and easy access points to provide your clients with a premium experience when viewing your website from their smart phone or tablet. Contact a friendly member of the Barcode Team today!
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The Barcode Team provides presentation services on a wide variety of topics such as, understanding mobile technology, consumer behavior and best practices for marketing, leveraging the Google Environment, Search Engine Optimization, and many more.
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Need help maintaining consistent and regularly updated content on your website? A dedicated representative of the Barcode Content team will take your blog ideas (provided for the month in advance) and generate unique and community-specific content for your Articles and Blog Posts.
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The Advantage

The Advantage

Our websites employ state-of-the-art techniques and standards. We follow the changes from Google, Facebook, Twitter, W3C, among others. The Barcode Team researches the latest SEO trends, explores new technologies, and deploys new features. We’re on our toes so you don’t have to be.
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New Acquisition Highlights Education and Training Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals

In a competitive industry of over 1.1 million real estate professionals across North America*, brokers and agents are seeking opportunities and resources to help them stand out from the competition. Today, Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc. (“Lone Wolf”) announces the acquisition of technology and mobile web creation leader Barcode Publicity, providing services under the Barcode Realty brand and its assets, as a step forward in creating education and training opportunities for the real estate industry. Continue reading “New Acquisition Highlights Education and Training Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals” »

Barcode Realty Partners With San Diego Association of Realtors


SDAR LogoIn a move that will represent a step forward and an opportunity for California REALTORS®, real estate technology and web creation leader Barcode Realty renewed its partnership with The Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR) Oct. 16. Continue reading “Barcode Realty Partners With San Diego Association of Realtors” »

Barcode Content Under New Leadership

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I wanted to take a moment to personally introduce myself. My name is Caleigh Cross and I’m the new Director of Barcode’s Content Division. I have a degree in Media and Communications from Bishop’s University and I’ve been with the Barcode Content team for almost two years. I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to take the reins of the Content Division! Continue reading “Barcode Content Under New Leadership” »

Press Release – Voice Search for Real Estate Websites


January 12, 2015

Barcode Publicity

Phone: 707-893-7226, Email: [email protected]

Contact: Warren Dow, [email protected]

Barcode Publicity announces industry first with voice search for real estate websites. Continue reading “Press Release – Voice Search for Real Estate Websites” »


Mobile continues to grow in significance for European businesses as more customers use smartphones, tablets and wearable technology to surf the web and shop online. More than two thirds of Europe’s population, about half a billion people, are online1 and 45% of them are younger than the age 35 (Comscore)2. Mobile internet traffic in Europe doubled between May 2013 and May 2014 (Statista)3, a significant indicator of the future trend. Continue reading “EUROPE’S MOBILE WORLD – SEPTEMBER 2014” »

2014 Will Be Mobile First

In October, Facebook released an interesting report noting that 48% of its users were accessing the site only via mobile platforms 1. After seeing this data, they quickly realized they had to properly monetize their mobile presence with ads, but do so in a way that would not drive away their existing customer base.  So far it appears that Facebook has been able to thread that needle fairly effectively without disturbing its user base as users currently spend 20% of their time on their mobile phones engaged in some form of social networking 2.  For the rest of the business community the challenge presented by mobile only users is going to become a major issue in the coming year. Continue reading “2014 Will Be Mobile First” »

Giving Thanks to the Barcode Team

The Barcode Team

I spent some time this Thanksgiving contemplating how thankful I am to work with such a great team. We all bring a diverse set of skills to the group but share a passion for and immense pride in the work we do. Continue reading “Giving Thanks to the Barcode Team” »

Wearable Technology: Glasses or Watches?

We have been carrying mobile phones around with us for decades 1.  Prior to the digital convergence created by smartphones, users carried a myriad of devices:  phones, cameras, and any number of portable music devices.  We have effectively been trained to always have some sort of electronic device with us at all times.  Back in the late 90’s and early 00’s nearly every cell phone sold had an available plastic or leather holster.  For those that don’t remember, the phones back then were a little too big to fit comfortably in pockets.  While smart glasses and watches are revolutionary and will take some time to adjust to, we have a long history of dragging our technology around with us.  The real question is which of these emerging technologies will become the dominant force in the market of smart wearable tech. Continue reading “Wearable Technology: Glasses or Watches?” »

2014 Will be the Year of Wearable Tech

By now you have likely heard about Google’s barges.1 These floating wonderlands have created any number of crazy theories 2 as to what they could possibly be from floating data center to plenty of even more absurd ideas. Google has now revealed that the barges will be places where people can experience new technology.  This answer while helpful is almost hopelessly incomplete.  Google has dozens of product lines that its Android operating system is on plus all of its own products like the Nexus Tablets 3.  While these products are very likely going to be seen on the barges our prediction is that this will not be focus nor purpose of these barges. Continue reading “2014 Will be the Year of Wearable Tech” »



We know Technology and Social Media have changed the way we live and do business. Although the mobile world has evolved exponentially over the past couple of years, many REALTORS® do not yet recognize the importance of engaging the growing numbers of mobile, home buyers. Continue reading “WHY IS A REALTOR®’S MOBILE WEB PRESENCE IMPORTANT?” »