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What Hummingbird Means for SEO Strategies

You might have heard that Google has updated 1 how they are returning search results. This revamp of Google’s algorithm, named Hummingbird, represents one of the biggest changes for the search giant in the past twelve years. The question of course is what impact will this update have on your firm’s SEO practices?  Before we answer that question we need to look at what Hummingbird actually does. Continue reading “What Hummingbird Means for SEO Strategies” »

The Desperate Need for Quality Content

Your site needs original, high quality content. Google is paying close attention to the content being posted and the quality therein.  Produce great content and it will drive search results.  Produce thin2, generic, anonymous content, and it will hinder search results.  It is an easy equation to figure out and Google is already rewarding companies that are working hard to create great content.1

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Ten Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Presence

10.  Frequent Fresh Content:
One of the worst mistakes a company can make is to create a social media profile and then neglect it.  People are spending more and more time on social media and it is a great way to connect with new customers and form stronger relationships with  existing ones.1  If people have decided to friend and or follow a company on a social media site, then that attention should be rewarded with new and interesting content for them to interact with.  Perhaps your company could post video tutorials or troubleshooting guides.  There is a delicate balance that must be struck with this new content, the goal should be to provide enough new content to bring people back on a regular basis, but it is also important not to drown them with a flurry of updates. Continue reading “Ten Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Presence” »