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Mobile Marketing Mistakes

A company that has decided to launch dedicated mobile and tablet sites has already made a great move towards meeting their customers where they are.  The natural extension of this is to reach out with a focused mobile marketing plan.  Like any other form of marketing, mobile marketing has its own pitfalls and issues to try and avoid.  Below, we go through five mobile marketing problems that companies should try to avoid. Continue reading “Mobile Marketing Mistakes” »

What is the difference between a normal bar code and a QR code?

That’s a good question, and many people confuse the two concepts.

A “normal” barcode (it is not technically one word, but soon enough it will become part of the lexicon) is a generic term for the visual display of information as a series of lines or “bars.” Continue reading “What is the difference between a normal bar code and a QR code?” »

Dr. Barcode Review: BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

One of the primary goals of is to educate consumers in the United States of QR scanning “apps” available for their phone.

We focus on this aspect for three primary reasons:

1. The majority of mobile phone subscribers in the United States still do not realize that their phones can be used as mobile barcode readers.
2. Some apps available may work for some types of 2D barcodes (UPC codes), but are not intended for the reading more detailed QR codes.
3. Some apps are available only through overseas carriers. I’ve downloaded a couple of programs that appeared to be for the Blackberry Curve, only to see them fail because they are not intended for use on US mobile devices. Continue reading “Dr. Barcode Review: BlackBerry Messenger 5.0” »

Dear Friends

Dear Friends!

Welcome to the Barcode Publicity blog! We created this blog to present the marketing world with the latest news, product reviews, ad campaigns, and businesses utilizing 2D barcodes in unique and innovative ways. Continue reading “Dear Friends” »