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Mobile continues to grow in significance for European businesses as more customers use smartphones, tablets and wearable technology to surf the web and shop online. More than two thirds of Europe’s population, about half a billion people, are online1 and 45% of them are younger than the age 35 (Comscore)2. Mobile internet traffic in Europe doubled between May 2013 and May 2014 (Statista)3, a significant indicator of the future trend. Continue reading “EUROPE’S MOBILE WORLD – SEPTEMBER 2014” »

2014 Will Be Mobile First

In October, Facebook released an interesting report noting that 48% of its users were accessing the site only via mobile platforms 1. After seeing this data, they quickly realized they had to properly monetize their mobile presence with ads, but do so in a way that would not drive away their existing customer base.  So far it appears that Facebook has been able to thread that needle fairly effectively without disturbing its user base as users currently spend 20% of their time on their mobile phones engaged in some form of social networking 2.  For the rest of the business community the challenge presented by mobile only users is going to become a major issue in the coming year. Continue reading “2014 Will Be Mobile First” »

2014 Will be the Year of Wearable Tech

By now you have likely heard about Google’s barges.1 These floating wonderlands have created any number of crazy theories 2 as to what they could possibly be from floating data center to plenty of even more absurd ideas. Google has now revealed that the barges will be places where people can experience new technology.  This answer while helpful is almost hopelessly incomplete.  Google has dozens of product lines that its Android operating system is on plus all of its own products like the Nexus Tablets 3.  While these products are very likely going to be seen on the barges our prediction is that this will not be focus nor purpose of these barges. Continue reading “2014 Will be the Year of Wearable Tech” »



We know Technology and Social Media have changed the way we live and do business. Although the mobile world has evolved exponentially over the past couple of years, many REALTORS® do not yet recognize the importance of engaging the growing numbers of mobile, home buyers. Continue reading “WHY IS A REALTOR®’S MOBILE WEB PRESENCE IMPORTANT?” »

What Hummingbird Means for SEO Strategies

You might have heard that Google has updated 1 how they are returning search results. This revamp of Google’s algorithm, named Hummingbird, represents one of the biggest changes for the search giant in the past twelve years. The question of course is what impact will this update have on your firm’s SEO practices?  Before we answer that question we need to look at what Hummingbird actually does. Continue reading “What Hummingbird Means for SEO Strategies” »

Using Mobile to Generate Solid Leads

How can a company take those smartphones that sit in people’s pockets and turn them into lead generating devices?  The answer is creating an exclusive mobile tool that is tied to those individuals that are interested in doing business with your company.   Think about your industry and those key pieces of information that you need to have at your fingertips at any given time? Would that information be of use or benefit to people who are serious about making a buying decision? Continue reading “Using Mobile to Generate Solid Leads” »

Smart Phone Adoption Rates and Usage Patterns by Ethnicity and Race

Smart phones continue to redefine how we interact with the web, businesses and each other. Tasks that were once relegated only to the desktop, have been put in people’s hands and continue the trend of economic “flattening”1 first mentioned by Thomas Freidman. Smart phone adoption rates among ethnic-minorities in the United States continue to surge year over year.4 We are now well beyond the phase of early adopters5 and companies can and should expect mobile consumers from all walks. Continue reading “Smart Phone Adoption Rates and Usage Patterns by Ethnicity and Race” »

Mobile Marketing Mistakes

A company that has decided to launch dedicated mobile and tablet sites has already made a great move towards meeting their customers where they are.  The natural extension of this is to reach out with a focused mobile marketing plan.  Like any other form of marketing, mobile marketing has its own pitfalls and issues to try and avoid.  Below, we go through five mobile marketing problems that companies should try to avoid. Continue reading “Mobile Marketing Mistakes” »

Capitalizing on Google Analytics: Part 1

A company puts up a new website and a marketing plan to go with it.  However, the best websites and marketing plans mean very little if you can’t track the response.  Google Analytics is a fantastic free tool that gives an in depth analysis of how a website is used along with the success rates of various marketing efforts.  That same company starts using Google Analytics and after a month, they have racked up a thousand visits.  This sounds like great news until they look a little deeper.  It turns out that out of those thousand visitors, only 10 people actually traveled to a second page on the site.  Worse still, only a few went on to buy anything.  If this company were to look at their analytics report they would be able to spot what went wrong and where.  By implementing Google Analytics, users are not only able to learn basic information about their site but also use in depth statistics to take action by adjusting their website and marketing strategy.  Great marketing can drive consumers to your website but without a review of the analytics, it’s impossible to know what aspects of your web presence are delivering on their investment.  An analytics report can help you craft targeted blog articles, compelling landing sites and deliver customers with an interest in your industry. Continue reading “Capitalizing on Google Analytics: Part 1” »

Going Mobile in the Land of Many Screens

My phone buzzed on my desk.  It was my wife sending me a link to the camera she was interested in.  I read a few reviews and looked at the specs before getting back to work.  Later that evening I took a closer look at the camera on my tablet, and we made the final purchase using my wife’s laptop.  As we moved from device to device, we expected that it would be easy to pick up the shopping right where we left off.  According to a study performed by Google, this behavior is now the new normal with a whopping 90% percent of consumers using multiple devices to accomplish a single task.   The vast majority of these consumers will use a search engine result to slide from one device to next.1 Continue reading “Going Mobile in the Land of Many Screens” »