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We know Technology and Social Media have changed the way we live and do business. Although the mobile world has evolved exponentially over the past couple of years, many REALTORS® do not yet recognize the importance of engaging the growing numbers of mobile, home buyers. Continue reading “WHY IS A REALTOR®’S MOBILE WEB PRESENCE IMPORTANT?” »

What Hummingbird Means for SEO Strategies

You might have heard that Google has updated 1 how they are returning search results. This revamp of Google’s algorithm, named Hummingbird, represents one of the biggest changes for the search giant in the past twelve years. The question of course is what impact will this update have on your firm’s SEO practices?  Before we answer that question we need to look at what Hummingbird actually does. Continue reading “What Hummingbird Means for SEO Strategies” »

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

There is no easy way around it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results take time.  The problem though, is that while companies wait to see if their current SEO strategies pan out, marketing decisions and other resource allocation discussions need to occur. Below are a few metrics that can be looked at in the meantime to gain a better sense of how the implemented strategies are functioning.Among the many powerful tools hidden within Google Analytics, is the ability to see how comparable sites within your own industry are doing.1 This valuable tool can allow companies to see that their efforts are improving their own results against a realistic metric of what the rest of the industry is doing. Like all of the tools in the Analytics tool box, this one should be used with a long view in mind, but it is another method of measuring the success of an SEO program. Google does not provide a site to site comparison as the information they use is based on anonymous industry data. There are many competitors in the field that do offer site to site views so that companies can see how they are stacking up against their direct competitors. 2 Continue reading “Search Engine Optimization Strategies” »

Mobile Marketing Mistakes

A company that has decided to launch dedicated mobile and tablet sites has already made a great move towards meeting their customers where they are.  The natural extension of this is to reach out with a focused mobile marketing plan.  Like any other form of marketing, mobile marketing has its own pitfalls and issues to try and avoid.  Below, we go through five mobile marketing problems that companies should try to avoid. Continue reading “Mobile Marketing Mistakes” »

Changes to Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is not only a powerful tool for maximizing a website’s effectiveness but it is also ever evolving.  Anyone who has used the suite of Google services knows that they like to tinker with their products and GA is no exception to that rule.  The past few months have seen a number of tweaks and redesigns from the team at Google.  Below are a few of the recent updates: Continue reading “Changes to Google Analytics” »

Capitalizing on Google Analytics: Part 2

Last evening I checked my email before I went to sleep and there sitting in my inbox was a 20% off coupon for a product I had been following.  I had been shopping around for some time, and that sealed the deal.  I clicked on the link and made the purchase.  I had started shopping two days earlier with a general search about the product, which led me to the company’s website.  After looking at the item on the site I signed up to receive their newsletter and other offers.  A few days later I ran a search for the site and looked at the product again; I even put the item in my cart before I left to work on something else.  (The checkout process required an account to be created, and I just didn’t have the time right then.)  After receiving the coupon I finally returned and finalized the sale.  The company’s email helped me make my final buying decision and with a closer look at the analytics they could tease out the pieces that worked and repeat this process again.  This week we’re going to continue to look at ways your company can make focused decisions based on the data available in Google Analytics. Continue reading “Capitalizing on Google Analytics: Part 2” »

Capitalizing on Google Analytics: Part 1

A company puts up a new website and a marketing plan to go with it.  However, the best websites and marketing plans mean very little if you can’t track the response.  Google Analytics is a fantastic free tool that gives an in depth analysis of how a website is used along with the success rates of various marketing efforts.  That same company starts using Google Analytics and after a month, they have racked up a thousand visits.  This sounds like great news until they look a little deeper.  It turns out that out of those thousand visitors, only 10 people actually traveled to a second page on the site.  Worse still, only a few went on to buy anything.  If this company were to look at their analytics report they would be able to spot what went wrong and where.  By implementing Google Analytics, users are not only able to learn basic information about their site but also use in depth statistics to take action by adjusting their website and marketing strategy.  Great marketing can drive consumers to your website but without a review of the analytics, it’s impossible to know what aspects of your web presence are delivering on their investment.  An analytics report can help you craft targeted blog articles, compelling landing sites and deliver customers with an interest in your industry. Continue reading “Capitalizing on Google Analytics: Part 1” »