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New Acquisition Highlights Education and Training Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals

In a competitive industry of over 1.1 million real estate professionals across North America*, brokers and agents are seeking opportunities and resources to help them stand out from the competition. Today, Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc. (“Lone Wolf”) announces the acquisition of technology and mobile web creation leader Barcode Publicity, providing services under the Barcode Realty brand and its assets, as a step forward in creating education and training opportunities for the real estate industry. Continue reading “New Acquisition Highlights Education and Training Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals” »

Barcode Realty Partners With San Diego Association of Realtors

SDAR LogoIn a move that will represent a step forward and an opportunity for California REALTORS®, real estate technology and web creation leader Barcode Realty renewed its partnership with The Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR) Oct. 16. Continue reading “Barcode Realty Partners With San Diego Association of Realtors” »

Barcode Content Under New Leadership

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I wanted to take a moment to personally introduce myself. My name is Caleigh Cross and I’m the new Director of Barcode’s Content Division. I have a degree in Media and Communications from Bishop’s University and I’ve been with the Barcode Content team for almost two years. I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to take the reins of the Content Division! Continue reading “Barcode Content Under New Leadership” »

Press Release – Voice Search for Real Estate Websites


January 12, 2015

Barcode Publicity

Phone: 707-893-7226, Email: [email protected]

Contact: Warren Dow, [email protected]

Barcode Publicity announces industry first with voice search for real estate websites. Continue reading “Press Release – Voice Search for Real Estate Websites” »

Giving Thanks to the Barcode Team

I spent some time this Thanksgiving contemplating how thankful I am to work with such a great team. We all bring a diverse set of skills to the group but share a passion for and immense pride in the work we do. Continue reading “Giving Thanks to the Barcode Team” »

An Eye For An iOS

As many of our followers and partners already know, we’re very proud people here at Barcode Publicity. Dealing with mobile web and mobile marketing, our team’s collective resume is an incredible read. That being said, we’re always keeping our eyes open to people who can make us even better at what we do. I’m proud to introduce our newest team member to the Development group. Continue reading “An Eye For An iOS” »

The Desperate Need for Quality Content

Your site needs original, high quality content. Google is paying close attention to the content being posted and the quality therein.  Produce great content and it will drive search results.  Produce thin2, generic, anonymous content, and it will hinder search results.  It is an easy equation to figure out and Google is already rewarding companies that are working hard to create great content.1

Continue reading “The Desperate Need for Quality Content” »

Search Results that Drive Business Part 2: Moving Beyond Authorship

In addition to Authorship there is a whole world of data that can be pulled from a website to create a rich snippet.  The major players in the search engine world (Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex) banded together and created a unifying body designed to streamline this effort.  Referred to as, the organization provides web developers with an enormous list of ways to tag data on a website.  These tags are called markups and there are literally hundreds of them.  The advantage of adding markups to a site is that it creates a dynamic rich snippet depending on what someone searches for.1  As was stated in the previous article, having a rich snippet will not move your search results up the page, but it will lead to higher click through rates (CTR).  There are a number of exciting markups that can be added to a site and we’re going to discuss several of them below.

Continue reading “Search Results that Drive Business Part 2: Moving Beyond Authorship” »

Search Results that Drive Business (Part 1 – Snippets and Authorship)

You’ve finally done it.  Your company’s website comes up on the first page of a Google search. This is great news and everyone is excited about the excellent results, not to mention all of the revenue this will drive.  Then you notice further down the page that one of the links for another company has a tiny picture next to it or additional information in the description.  Curious, you click on the link and travel to a competitor’s website.  You’ve just been drawn in by a rich snippet2 and all of your customers will be too. Continue reading “Search Results that Drive Business (Part 1 – Snippets and Authorship)” »

Zillow Uses Your Website To Out-Rank You

Zillow and Trulia are two of the biggest names in the world of real estate listing services.  Everyone in the industry knows them and if you search for property online you will sometimes see their results at the top of the list. Even if a very careful search using local terms is performed, they will still, at times, show up above any of the local realtors.  I just performed a local search and Trulia came up number one and Zillow was number four.  There are many reasons why this is occurring, and to be perfectly frank both companies have the money to invest in their online presence.  Beyond that though, realtors have become unwitting partners in the downgrading of their own search results. The method of this unintentional self-sabotage is free widgets.1 Continue reading “Zillow Uses Your Website To Out-Rank You” »