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New Acquisition Highlights Education and Training Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals

In a competitive industry of over 1.1 million real estate professionals across North America*, brokers and agents are seeking opportunities and resources to help them stand out from the competition. Today, Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc. (“Lone Wolf”) announces the acquisition of technology and mobile web creation leader Barcode Publicity, providing services under the Barcode Realty brand and its assets, as a step forward in creating education and training opportunities for the real estate industry. Continue reading “New Acquisition Highlights Education and Training Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals” »

Giving Thanks to the Barcode Team

I spent some time this Thanksgiving contemplating how thankful I am to work with such a great team. We all bring a diverse set of skills to the group but share a passion for and immense pride in the work we do. Continue reading “Giving Thanks to the Barcode Team” »

Barcode Admin Debut

The Barcode Publicity Team debuted our new Barcode Admin product at last weeks’ RISMedia Achieve! 2011 Conference by giving away over one hundred trials. The trial included 1 month of access to the Barcode Admin Control Panel where you can customize, edit and track your QR Barcodes as well as a virtual business card (pictured right). Continue reading “Barcode Admin Debut” »

QR Codes Discontinued in Google Places

Google has made an interesting and somewhat early move by discontinuing QR codes in the Google Places portal. Even after this last year saw a 1600% increase in overall scanning, Google noted that they hadn’t seen the response they had hoped for from the barcodes and that they are looking towards NFC (Near Field Communication) to replace barcodes as the primary interactive marketing interface for mobile devices. Continue reading “QR Codes Discontinued in Google Places” »

Will NFC replace barcodes?

Deborah Boza-Valledor brings up an interesting question with her article “NFC = No more barcodes” by asserting that either NFC will replace barcodes or that the two are mutually exclusive technology. Our CTO brought up incorporating NFC into our Barcode Realty system a few weeks ago and we’ve been excited to begin our in depth research. NFC or Near Field Communication is a form of Bluetooth technology with a stinted range of 10cm, and is beginning to be adopted in the US with the first wave of mostly android phones beginning to roll out. Much like the current use of QR codes is roughly 4 years behind Japan and 3 behind Europe, NFC hardware will take a significant amount of time to saturate into the US market. It also has the same drawback as Bluetooth marketing tools which is that most users turn off the signal to conserve battery. Continue reading “Will NFC replace barcodes?” »

The Truth About QR Codes

John Lim wrote a very interesting and mostly thorough article on the adoption of QR codes specifically in the real estate market. He’s spot on in his discussion of the adoption overseas and background on the use of the technology, but fails to mention why the adoption has taken longer in the US and more importantly that the mobile content behind the barcode is more important than the barcode technology itself. The United States has been so behind in adopting because we hold a higher standard for radioactive emission from consumer electronics than most countries, so Japan and Europe had phones capable of scanning barcodes roughly 2-3 years before they were on the market in the US. The barcode aside, it’s more important to have tailored mobile content to deliver to your users. The goal of a mobile marketing strategy is to make your company or content easily available to all mobile devices, and simply using a barcode will not accomplish this for you. If a user scans your barcode and is taken to a normal website that is difficult to navigate on a mobile device they are no more likely to connect with you, but if they are directed to your solution you can rest assured your clients can easily access your mobile web app. Barcode Realty provides barcodes branded with your logo, a mobile QR barcode admin system, and advanced tracking so you can see the response to your codes and mobile web app. Continue reading “The Truth About QR Codes” »

Retiring real estate on Google Maps

It seems that Google is discontinuing their real estate system on Google maps. We have mixed feelings about Google dropping the service, but believe one of the main reasons is as Google stated “the proliferation of excellent property-search tools on real estate websites.” Consumers are more interested in searching for a home using a local brokerage website and groups like Onboard Informatics are making strides forward in advanced searching capabilities focused around a lifestyle rather than number of bedrooms and a price. Continue reading “Retiring real estate on Google Maps” »

New form of barcodes for your smartphone

Carolina Leid did a nice news segment and article on the the increased use of QR codes in marketing for ABC news 7. We’re certainly glad that ABC and what seems like the rest of the United States are catching onto the Barcode Revolution.

NEW YORK (WABC) — It looks like a deformed barcode, a box filled with squiggly blots and lines. Continue reading “New form of barcodes for your smartphone” »

Apps, social media enhancing real estate business

A great article by Sarah Baker demonstrates that the Memphis real estate market is keeping up with the mobile trend by integrating apps and QR barcodes into their daily life. At Barcode Publicity we agree with this mobile trend and have built the Barcode Realty System to help brokers maximize their mobile marketing efforts. Continue reading “Apps, social media enhancing real estate business” »

Will Augmented Reality Leap-Frog the QR Code?

Mark Schaefer puts some interesting points forth as to why QR codes may be a short lived sensation. Schaefer is correct when he says that adding a barrier or doorway to any product will reduce the usage, however in the long term the QR code actually increases the speed in which people can enter a URL on their phone. For the foreseeable future, people will want to access websites on their phone, and the QR code is simply a quicker way to do that. Continue reading “Will Augmented Reality Leap-Frog the QR Code?” »

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