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An Eye For An iOS

As many of our followers and partners already know, we’re very proud people here at Barcode Publicity. Dealing with mobile web and mobile marketing, our team’s collective resume is an incredible read. That being said, we’re always keeping our eyes open to people who can make us even better at what we do. I’m proud to introduce our newest team member to the Development group. Continue reading “An Eye For An iOS” »

2013 Spring Upgrades

(If you haven’t already read my previous article, “Bring on the New Year“, I recommend you do so before reading on!)

Like most of our readers, Barcode Publicity is shedding some of it’s bulky winter attire in return for something lighter and faster. In January, I told you about how we were going to address many of the issues that are presented to a growing company. In specific, I brought to light the three factors that I deal with every day: Server Power, Server Limitations, and Server Maintenance. Now three and a half months later, we’re putting even more time and effort into making these better for everyone.

Learn more about our upgrades…

Bring On The New Year

Sometimes, in a company as diverse and growing as ours, you have to take a step back and make yourself and your team more efficient. You do this by recognizing what slows you down, what holds you back, and what takes up most of your time. I believe that these three key set-backs can make or break a small company. Continue reading “Bring On The New Year” »

2011 In Review: Mobile Statistics

If you’ve spent thirty seconds on Google looking for mobile statistics, you know how flooded the field is — Two credible sources giving you different numbers, linking you to pages that link you to pages, and reference tables that make you feel like you’re on a call with Automated Customer Service. Trust me, I get just as frustrated. I’ve gone out and gathered as much statistics as I can and put together my own sheet containg “safe numbers” for you to reliably report upon. Hopefully I can lay to rest some of the exaggeration and false statistics you have seen. Continue reading “2011 In Review: Mobile Statistics” »

It’s becoming a mobile-first world

As we lead into the new year, I imagine most of our clients (and hopefully you, as well), will be sitting down with their Web Team to discuss their mobile presence. It’s hard to deny that 2011 was the year of Mobile — Mobile phone usage grew exponentially, generations that were previously unaffected by the modern web were switching out their phones for smartphones like iPhones and Androids, and businesses saw a very large chunk of their income sourcing from mobile website traffic. So what do we do now? If 2011 was the year of Mobile, what is 2012? Continue reading “It’s becoming a mobile-first world” »

Mobile Marketing and Real Estate: A Great Match!

By: Don Payne ( Originally written for

In the marketing industry, the mobile aspect has certainly become more crucial as smart phones have clouded the country in the last few years. In the real estate sector, mobile marketing is finally beginning to really gain traction, with a number of professionals investing time and money towards the success of their company. When it comes to mobile marketing in thereal estate market, it’s driven by a few important features which help to produce leads, turning them into long term purchases. Continue reading “Mobile Marketing and Real Estate: A Great Match!” »

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