Google 202: Maximizing Gmail and Google Calendars

Google 202

Class Description: Gmail and Google Calendars serve at the core of many offices but are only utilized to a small percentage of their ability.  Learn how to get the most out of your email and calendar by mastering both the basics and advanced functionality within each platform.  We will cover topics including: iMAP and POP3, advanced signatures, managing your inbox with labels and filters, contacts, groups and forwarding, and much more.  We will also cover Google Labs and Chrome extensions to give you a preview of the newest tools, tips and tricks Google has up their sleeve.

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Written By: Alex Camelio (14 Posts)

Alex Camelio is the Co-Founder and President at Barcode Publicity. After graduating from Syracuse University he worked as the Director of Operations for a New York City based tech firm. Upon recognizing the impending boom in mobile technology, Alex formed a company with the core goal of implementing mobile marketing strategies focused on specific industries, with real estate as the primary focus. By building a team of industry partners, mobile development experts, and a passionate sales force, Alex created one of the premier mobile technology firms in North America.

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