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Barcode Classroom LogoBarcode Classroom provides engaging presentation services on a wide variety of technology topics that cater to associations, franchises, brokerages and the individual agent. Some of our stand out topics include: Understanding Mobile Technology, Consumer Behavior and Best Practices for Marketing, Understanding and Leveraging the Google Environment, Search Engine Optimization, Multi-Screen Interaction, and many more. We offer all classes listed below in 1 to 3 hour segments both in-person and by webinar.

Available Classes:

Please contact us with any questions or for more information about booking a class.

Written By: Alex Camelio (14 Posts)

Alex Camelio is the Co-Founder and President at Barcode Publicity. After graduating from Syracuse University he worked as the Director of Operations for a New York City based tech firm. Upon recognizing the impending boom in mobile technology, Alex formed a company with the core goal of implementing mobile marketing strategies focused on specific industries, with real estate as the primary focus. By building a team of industry partners, mobile development experts, and a passionate sales force, Alex created one of the premier mobile technology firms in North America.

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