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Barcode Content understands that every company’s and agent’s content needs are different. We treat each one of our clients as custom cases. We offer several services, each individually customizable, to better meet your content needs. The following information is a brief overview of our services, our pricing, and the Barcode Content advantage.

Every new Barcode Content client will be charged a New Client Setup Fee of $50, which goes towards the creation of your company’s customized file and the processing of contracts and fees. We will be happy to waive this setup fee should you choose an ongoing Barcode Content service.

All Barcode Content payments are processed in entirety at the signing of the contract, or, if you have chosen an ongoing Barcode Content service, will be billed on a monthly basis.

Barcode “BusyBee”

Description:  Our Barcode BusyBee services offer a hassle-free way to migrate your existing content, images, and webpages to your new Barcode-hosted website. Your dedicated Barcode Content writer will preserve and transfer up to 25 articles, blog posts, and images to your new site.

Pricing:  $300 per 25 articles (Includes approximately 7 hours of work) – our team will gladly take on more work at a rate of an additional $40 per hour

Note: If neighborhood, attraction, partner, or testimonial write ups are part of the clients’ existing pages, they will be migrated into the corresponding feature.

Barcode “Local Expert”:


Three words: location, location, location!

Our Barcode Local Expert services are your clients’ first look at your area. Our writers take the time to thoroughly research your market and learn about attractions, events, local atmosphere, and culture. They will then write about neighborhoods, local attractions, and local affiliates for your website, introducing clients to their new potential homes.

Pricing:  Barcode Local Expert services are $350 per contract, or up to 7 hours of research and writing. Additional neighborhoods and locations can be added to your contract for an additional $40 per hour.

Note: Neighborhood write ups are roughly 250 words and follow the outline below:

  • History of the Area (Approximately 100 words)
  • Physical Location and Proximity To Major Destinations Outside the Community (Approximately 50 words)
  • Life in [NEIGHBORHOOD] (Approximately 100 words)
    • 2 or 3 destinations within the community
    • Leisure activities such as local golf courses or clubs.
    • Anything else of note in the area.

Barcode “Re-Write” / Barcode “Custom Content”

Description: Not everyone has the time to write thorough custom content for their own website. That’s why we offer Barcode Rewrite, an editing and transformational service. Our writers will take the time to research your existing pages and blog posts and rewrite them for search engine optimization and readability.

Pricing:  The standard Barcode Rewrite contract includes 7 rewritten pages, or 7 hours of work. This is processed at a standard rate of $350. We are happy to negotiate a custom contract to allow for more rewritten pages. In addition, Barcode Rewrite services dovetail neatly with our Barcode BusyBee, Local Expert, or Blogging services, so we’re always happy to create a custom contract involving two or more Barcode Content services.

Barcode Blogging:

Description: Barcode Blogging is where our writers get the chance to shine. On a contracted basis, we will write and edit custom blog posts for your website. Not sure what you want us to write about? You’ve come to the right place. Your dedicated Barcode Content team member will be happy to make suggestions and take guidance. Our writers work with as much or as little direction from you as you prefer. Our goal is to take the task of writing off your busy hands and into our own.

Pricing: See Chart Below – (Note: We are pleased to negotiate custom contracts and “a la carte” blogging, although we do require the purchase of a minimum of three posts to be spread over a custom period of time as well as the standard New Client Setup Fee.)

Barcode Content Silver Barcode Content Gold Barcode Content Platinum
Articles per month 4 8 12
Cost – Ghost Written $200 / month $350 / month $495 / month
Rush delivery24-48 hours(Additional cost per article) $30 / article $25 / article $20 / article
Social Media Integration(Post links to new blog posts on client’s social media profiles) $25 / month $20 / month $15 / month

Please contact us today to setup a personalized meeting about Barcode Content.

Written By: Caleigh Cross (2 Posts)

Caleigh Cross holds a degree in Media and Communications from Bishop's University. She took over Barcode's Content Division as Director this year. She has spent years working in online media and custom content creation and looks forward to helping Barcode Content grow and develop. In her spare time, Caleigh likes to read, run, and make sarcastic comments on the Internet.

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