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Barcode Admin Logo“The premier QR Barcode Marketing solution!”

Barcode Admin’s mobile marketing platform is designed to optimize your QR code usage and direct users to your Virtual Business Card.  Our core features include:

Scanning a QR Code


  • Create personalized QR Barcodes with your company’s logo on it.
    This is important for your brand-recognition!
  • Manage and edit QR Barcode Campaigns!
    Update printed barcodes and save money by re-using your existing advertising.
  • Track your barcodes with our detailed analytics and reporting
  • services.
    Target your advertising dollars by tracking your most responsive QR barcode campaigns.
  • Create your mobile presence with Barcode Admin’s Virtual Business Card.
    Promote yourself & your business in the new age of technology.

Please visit the Barcode Admin website for more information or contact us today to setup a personalized demo.

Written By: Warren Dow (5 Posts)

Warren Dow is the Vice President and Co-Owner of Barcode Publicity.

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