Barcode Content Under New Leadership

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I wanted to take a moment to personally introduce myself. My name is Caleigh Cross and I’m the new Director of Barcode’s Content Division. I have a degree in Media and Communications from Bishop’s University and I’ve been with the Barcode Content team for almost two years. I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to take the reins of the Content Division!

My team will be posting here on the blog on a weekly basis, so you’ll get plenty of chances to get to know us and what we can do to optimize your website and direct Internet traffic your way. In the meantime, let’s talk about what’s new.

Barcode Content has undergone some changes. We’re still offering the same great services, but under the new leadership, we plan to be even more available to meet your needs, whether you want a price quote or you love what we’ve written but you want to add a few of your own touches.

In addition, we are experimenting with the option to provide Barcode Content clients with social media management services. If you’re interested in helping us test-drive our new services, get in touch with us today and we’ll talk about how we can help you.

Enough about us! We can’t wait to hear about you. Contact Barcode Content today at [email protected] to discuss your content needs. We’re waiting by the (metaphorical) mobile phone!

Written By: Caleigh Cross (2 Posts)

Caleigh Cross holds a degree in Media and Communications from Bishop's University. She took over Barcode's Content Division as Director this year. She has spent years working in online media and custom content creation and looks forward to helping Barcode Content grow and develop. In her spare time, Caleigh likes to read, run, and make sarcastic comments on the Internet.

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