Giving Thanks to the Barcode Team

I spent some time this Thanksgiving contemplating how thankful I am to work with such a great team. We all bring a diverse set of skills to the group but share a passion for and immense pride in the work we do.

The Barcode Team

The Barcode Team

Warren (Warren Dow – Vice President) always says that when we’re selling one of our products we are really selling our team because our products and services are a reflection of us. Because of which, he brings a level of care and concern that often challenges our team but in so doing drives our whole group forward. Warren also employs a unique perspective to our affiliate relationships and can find opportunities to work together that many groups haven’t thought of before. Barcode wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are today without Warren

Since Anthony (Anthony Powers – Chief Technical Officer) first joined our group, he has brought our technology services to a new and unparalleled level. He does an immense amount of research that often gives new meaning to “cutting edge” and is truly the reason we stay so far ahead of our competition. I am always impressed at how he looks at “it can’t be done” as a challenge; almost as if to say “no, it hasn’t been done before.” Yet somehow, he always figures out a way.

Sid (Sid Schiff – Canadian Sales Director) has done an astounding job bringing our services into the Canadian market, mostly because he has truly believed in our team and concept since the day he came on board. He has made going above and beyond for a client a common practice and strives to improve himself on a weekly if not daily basis.

Chris (Chris Morris – Regional Sales Director) has shown an amazing level of tenacity and has been a supporter of Barcode for the long haul, even before he officially joined the team. He is always eager to learn so he can improve his own strategy and technique, but even more importantly he strives to share that knowledge with the group.

While Stacy (Stacy Kennedy – Lead Developer) is a relatively new addition to the team, I often think to myself “what would I do without her?” I admire her for both her patience and initiative. Getting up to speed with our team is no easy task and Stacy not only asks the right questions but takes the initiative to figure things out on her own first. She also helps our clients with such care and patience that I consistently receive emails noting how great she is to work with.

I really applaud Paul (Paul Scavitto – Content Director) for his determination and effort in starting and managing our new Barcode Content division. He has taken his passion for developing content and worked with us to create a new product line. It’s never easy to transition from research and writing to management at the drop of a hat but Paul has done a stellar job adapting.

I could go on talking about all of their outstanding work qualities but above all, I respect everyone I work with because they are down right great people. I am truly lucky to work with a team that is so kind, smart, respectful and conscientious.

Thank you for everything you do.

Written By: Alex Camelio (14 Posts)

Alex Camelio is the Co-Founder and President at Barcode Publicity. After graduating from Syracuse University he worked as the Director of Operations for a New York City based tech firm. Upon recognizing the impending boom in mobile technology, Alex formed a company with the core goal of implementing mobile marketing strategies focused on specific industries, with real estate as the primary focus. By building a team of industry partners, mobile development experts, and a passionate sales force, Alex created one of the premier mobile technology firms in North America.

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