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By its very nature, the world of technology is ever evolving and it falls on businesses to stay abreast of the latest trends or be left hopelessly behind. Here’s a sobering thought, if your company is just now considering getting into social media, Twitter has been around for seven years and Facebook is a virtual dinosaur at nine. While the pace can be rather unforgiving we’re here to give you a heads up on some the latest tech you should be aware of and its impact on the business community.

1) The New Apple iPhones:

Apple’s latest round of smartphones may have left wall street scratching its head1 and Apple’s failure to release their pre-sale numbers for the 5c is also hinting that their newest iPhone might have some trouble getting out of the gate. All that aside, Apple has the largest number of devices in circulation in the United States but were overtaken by the Samsung Galaxy SIII as the best-selling smartphone5 in the world.3 (Note: the Samsung SIII overtook them.)

Apple has made a number of changes and upgrades with their latest phones but likely the update that has most people talking with the 5c is its plastic case and lower price point. Apple has been taking a beating in market share from the wide array of rivals using the Android operating system. In order to make up for some of this lost ground and to try and make inroads into other markets they released this less expensive version of the iPhone 5.

What this new iPhone means for businesses is that there is increased pressure on companies like Apple to lower their price point which translate into more consumers using these devices and a great demand for strong mobile web experiences. In fact, Wal-Mart has already jumped in front of Apple’s declared pricing and preemptively lowered the price, a first for the two companies.4

While the iPhone 5s was also announced, aside from a new camera and a fingerprint scanner the phone did not significantly change the mobile phone market.

2) The Galaxy Note 3:

The newest addition to Samsung’s strong family of smartphones continues to dramatically redefine our perception of a smartphone. The Note 3 features a screen of 5.7 inches on the diagonal and over 3 inches wide. It will sport an incredibly fast processor and massive on site storage as well an expandable memory slot. The massive size and function of this phone is hard to visualize until you have the phone in your hand. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible until the end of September. For now, go into your local smartphone retailer and pick up the Note 2, then think of something bigger.

These larger phones will put greater pressure on companies to design sites that can take advantage of this increased screen real estate and the 1080p resolution. The design to be thinking about when it comes to these “phablet” phones is one optimized for phones & tablets. The extra room and screen resolution will require access to higher resolution pictures and site art. If a company chooses to skimp on any of these features they will show up in glaring detail on these high performance devices. The other piece to keep in mind is that these phones will be $300 when they hit the market, which means that the consumers purchasing these devices are discerning tech consumers with disposable income. They will be expecting rich experiences to accompany their highly featured phone.

Full disclosure, the co-owner and CEO of Barcode Publicity owns a Galaxy Note II and will likely be picking up the Note III. The writer of this article is an iPhone devotee and will be picking up the iPhone 5s as soon as it becomes available. Both the iPhone 5s/c and the Note III represent increases in processing power and screen size over previous iterations of these devices. The lower price point of the 5c and various other Android devices will continue to expand the availability of smartphones and put them in a wider variety of hands. The smartphone market continues to settle and now the only real growth left in this sector is with late adopters. These new devices represent a huge opportunity for companies that are able to take advantage of this exciting and powerful technology.






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