Using Mobile to Generate Solid Leads

How can a company take those smartphones that sit in people’s pockets and turn them into lead generating devices?  The answer is creating an exclusive mobile tool that is tied to those individuals that are interested in doing business with your company.   Think about your industry and those key pieces of information that you need to have at your fingertips at any given time? Would that information be of use or benefit to people who are serious about making a buying decision?

There are lots of free tools on the web.  For those in the real estate world, Zillow is something of an expert at giving away free and valuable consumer tools.  They have built a number of widgets 1  that they offer to real estate agents for free to help “enhance” their site.  As we’ve noted in a previous article, while these tools do add to the professionalism of a site, Zillow is using them to outrank you in your own market.  What Zillow has done well is to target their intended market, real estate agents, by giving them something that they can use and that makes their lives easier.  This is the challenge that you face when trying to figure out how to turn a mobile device into a lead-generating tool. The more granular you can get with this the more successful it will be.

There are lots of ways to generate leads, some more successful than others, and we discussed a number of them a few weeks ago.  Most of those techniques dealt with making a personal connection with your potential clients and reaching out to them in a way that felt custom tailored just for them.  For this free service that you are going to give away it must be something that is extremely well designed, better functioning than anything else out there and it should be easily accessible but have an element of exclusivity2 to it.  Perhaps this premium service is only available for free for a short time and/or maybe it even expires.  The key is to tie this valuable free service or app directly to your lead page.  This ensures that the product that is given away is only given to people who have a direct interest in the product or service you are selling.  By reminding your potential customers that you are trying to sell something in addition to providing this valuable service will ensure that the leads this program generates should be fairly solid.  The numbers generated by a program like this would be fairly small, but the hope is that most of the people that sign up for the service or app are people who are willing to be contacted around a specific product or service.

Things to consider providing to potential leads might be an app or web page that offers a look at the information that makes you stand out in your market.  Maybe there is a piece of information or collection of data that your company uses frequently that would benefit potential customers to have at their fingertips.  This might even be a tool that your sales agents use in the field, or a version of it.

The ideas to keep in mind with a program like this is that you are giving away a product or service that is best in its class, it is something that potential buyers would find extremely useful and it should be easily available to people that are seriously considering doing business with you.  This type of promotion helps your customers to understand that you are so serious about getting their business that you are willing to pull back the curtain and show them the information that gives you an edge.

If this was a product for the real estate market, maybe it is a tool that monitors price changes, or shows the consumer how to work with a mortgage professional, or maybe it shows the raw information for a property listing as it comes in so that these clients can get ahead of everyone else. (Assuming these are allowed in your market.)

No matter what this service or information is that you choose to share, in order for this to work effectively it should be information or a tool that helps people to make a buying decision while they have their phone in their hand.  While this program may not generate tons of leads the ones that it does generate are normally ready to move ahead and better informed than the average consumer.

Written By: Paul Scavitto (26 Posts)

Paul Scavitto holds a Masters Degree in Education and currently teaches English at a small private high school in Vermont. He has held positions in a number of industries including sales, state bureaucracy and corrections. His background includes training in business management and customer service best practices and he is an avid follower of trends in business technology. Currently, he is the lead writer for the Barcode Publicity Blog.

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