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Blogging is important for improving search results and doing it well can drive repeated visitors to your site and improve the visibility of your brand.1   However, it can be difficult to constantly think up new ideas for articles to write.  This can result in a couple of bad practices.  1)  Writing content that is not useful to anyone or 2)  Not writing at all.  The whole idea behind blogging is you are trying to reach out to your customers on a regular basis so that they see you and your company as one that provides useful information, and ultimately one they would like to do business with.   Brian Lang over at the Small Business Idea Blog sent along a great article on 1012 blogging ideas to help keep your blog fresh.  I encourage you to check out his site as it is filled with useful information and tips.  We’re going to use Brian’s article as a jumping off point for today’s discussion.

Among the many useful suggestions in Brian’s article, one theme seems to stand out which is that, if you are running out of ideas, get social!  By tapping the massive and powerful social media connections that many of us have today there should be no shortage of ideas that can come from social media.  By looking at the trends on your social media accounts and the questions that people are asking it should be relatively easy to come up with a few topics to address.

Another strategy is to look at what the most popular blog topics for the year are.3  Now your business or industry may not tie into any of the topics listed, but you might be able to find a clever way to tie in what your business does.  The beauty of this is if you can figure out a way to tie your blog post to an already popular discussion it becomes much easier to help people transition into reading your blog. Of note, some of the most popular blogs out there are ones about technology4.  As we are all using technology of one form or another, is there some technology based discussion that your blog could be having?

Beyond topics that are popular on blogs it can also be useful to look at the general trends in blogging.5  In an excellent discussion over at Pavel Ushakov explored the latest trends in the blogging world.  His first point is one that we have been repeating for some time:  quality content is king.  This point cannot be said enough, but while blogging is important6, there can be no replacement for producing high quality original content.  Pavel goes on to discuss the importance of having your company integrate with social media and ways to enrich your blogs through visuals and videos.  One of the great points he makes is that in order for companies to take advantage of social media marketing it is important that blog content be as easy for people to share as possible.  Are there +1 links or Facebook like buttons at the bottom of your pages?  Can people easily share an article through one click of a button?  Are you setup with Twittter and Pinterest?  Pavel’s point here is that it is not enough to simply produce good content, but that it must be made easily accessible to your readers.

Take a look at your blog.  When was the last time it was updated?  What was the most popular article? Do you know which of your articles was the best driver of business?  Do you have any kind of mechanism in place to gather this information? What was the last article that you read on somebody elses blog?  What was that about?  What drew you to that article?  If you found the information inside that article to be useful, how can you design your blog articles to reflect a similar level content?  Thanks again to Brian for sending along his article.







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Paul Scavitto holds a Masters Degree in Education and currently teaches English at a small private high school in Vermont. He has held positions in a number of industries including sales, state bureaucracy and corrections. His background includes training in business management and customer service best practices and he is an avid follower of trends in business technology. Currently, he is the lead writer for the Barcode Publicity Blog.

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