Why it Takes Time to Improve Search Results

In a world of Twitter paced news cycles and always-on internet connections it can seem like improving search engine results should be something that happens within moments if not days. The sad fact is it takes time to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. Programs and policies will need to be put in place for months before any real tangible results become evident. There is no magic bullet to speed up this process and attempts to hurry this process will often work against the desired intention. Below are a few reasons why it takes time to see results from SEO improvement strategies.

1. There are LOTS of Bloggers Out There:

One of the best things a company can do to improve their SEO results is to start publishing articles in a blog.  Companies that are serious about their web presences should definitely be publishing original content online, but, in 2012 there were 87.8 million Tumblr Blogs and nearly 60 million WordPress sites.3 Not to mention the nearly 1 billion Facebook users all posting new content everyday. That’s a lot of competition for peoples’ eyes. With all of these other options out there it is going to take some time to establish a following for a blog, but the piece to remember is that most of the other blogs likely do not update on a regular basis and the quality of the content on those other blogs will vary widely. To help differentiate your company’s blog,  keep the following in mind: Produce high quality, value-added content that goes beyond what can be found on most sites; Publish original articles on a regular basis that include outbound links to other quality trusted sites.4 It will take time to create a following but when people do make it to your site and they see the treasure trove of information there they will reward you by revisiting in the future. The search engines are looking for consistent publishing trends, high quality content, and inbound and outbound links.5 All of these take time to put in place. This does not even take Authorship into consideration, but as we have mentioned in several previous articles, establishing a trusted author will also help a company’s search result seem more relevant and appealing.

2. Building Relationships with Other Sites Takes Real Work:

One of the best things any company can do is to get into the business of guest posting on other sites.6 The trick here is that in order for another site to take the offer of a guest post seriously the company offering the guest post already has to have a track record of producing quality content on their own site. We’ve talked about the power of guest posting in a previous article, and it is a powerful SEO enhancing tool, but in order to take advantage of this tool a great deal of time has to be put into producing quality content on the home site. Once that process is well under way, the next step is reaching out to a trusted site in your industry to see if they would be open to a guest post appearing in their blog. If they frequently invite guest bloggers on, then some of the work has been done for you, but in many cases this may be a new experience for them and that discussion might take some time. Even if they do agree to let your company guest post on their site, it is still going require producing quality content and doing so on a fairly regular basis. All of this takes time to impact your SERP results.

3. The Keyword(s) You are Depending on Might be Highly Competitive:

If your company is in a field with a lot of entrenched competition, say like the cellular phone market, it might be very difficult to get your keywords related to cellphones producing reasonable SERP results. There are many different approaches that can be taken to try and improve in category keyword search results. One potential technique is to try and scour the field of popular keywords and see if you can find one that has not been capitalized on and produce some quality content around it. Another idea is to just produce a tremendous amount of quality content around your keyword and hope that eventually it will gain some traction. A third approach is to broaden the content that your company produces beyond a narrowly focused keyword or business goal. The thinking here is that if your company is producing incredible quality content dealing with issues in and around your industry then instead of relying on a few highly competitive keywords, there will be a wide variety of terms that can result in excellent SERP results. This broader approach deals with offering visitors compelling value-added content that they may not have been expecting. As visitors find value in the posts on your site they will begin to back link to your site, which will in turn improve your SERP results. The article in the link at the end of this sentence has a tremendous amount of information, from dozens of SEO professionals on this topic.7

4. It Takes Time for the Search Engines to Learn to Trust Your Site:

Google and others literally look at how old a site is and how long its domain name renewal is registered for. The longer the registration period the greater likelihood the site will continue to be around. Also, if a site has been publishing excellent content for a great deal of time, that helps to build the trust with the search engines.1 While a company cannot impact the age of its site, it can continue to work hard at producing quality content and it can extend the renewal period for the domain the next time it comes around.

The main thing to keep in mind is that improving search engine results is a long term process that is based on producing high quality content. While most companies want to see quick results for the hard work their employees are doing, that is simply not how improving SERP results works. The best strategy is to try and provide the highest quality content possible, on a consistent basis, on a variety of topics and to build lasting relationships with other trusted names in your field.

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