Will NFC replace barcodes?

Deborah Boza-Valledor brings up an interesting question with her article “NFC = No more barcodes” by asserting that either NFC will replace barcodes or that the two are mutually exclusive technology. Our CTO brought up incorporating NFC into our Barcode Realty system a few weeks ago and we’ve been excited to begin our in depth research. NFC or Near Field Communication is a form of Bluetooth technology with a stinted range of 10cm, and is beginning to be adopted in the US with the first wave of mostly android phones beginning to roll out. Much like the current use of QR codes is roughly 4 years behind Japan and 3 behind Europe, NFC hardware will take a significant amount of time to saturate into the US market. It also has the same drawback as Bluetooth marketing tools which is that most users turn off the signal to conserve battery.

The purpose of any technology is to make tasks easier, and once it’s adopted NFC clearly wins the speed contest inside of 10cm which makes it optimal for marketing on a key box, but if I wanted to interact with a billboard, or even a sign rider from my car then a barcode is the clear winner. We’re excited to start working with NFC technology and believe that it will become another essential tool in the marketing toolbox. A question that I have yet to see answered is “what will the symbol for NFC become?”. While barcodes are a universal symbol for the ability to scan, users might not even know that a piece of marketing is NFC enabled.

The introduction of the new Google Nexus S last year heralded the arrival of new flagship Android handset. Alongside a host of whiz-bang new features, it brought with it a small but potentially transformative piece of technology: The NFC chip.

NFC, or near field communication, is a very simple idea. Designed primarily for mobile phones, it allows two embedded devices to talk to each other at extremely close range (less than 10cm).

For the full article see: http://blog.miamire.com/miami/2011/02/nfc-no-more-barcodes

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