Droid Barcode Scanning Apps Review

Hey All,
Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy the experience. Stu and I created Barcode Publicity in hopes of bringing businesses and consumers a new means of easy interactive marketing. For that same reason we created our website with the intention of being interactive so I highly encourage everyone visiting to use it to its full potential. Leave us a comment or feedback, ask Dr. Barcode a question, or even create a barcode in our custom 2D barcode creator. (In my opinion the best one free on the net! I dare you to find one with more functionality…. jk… but seriously.)

Speaking of functionality, I LOVE my new phone. My parents are so awesome; they gave me a Droid for Christmas. I previously had a Blackberry Storm 1, which was a great improvement over the LG Voyager, but as most people know, the Storm 1 didn’t come without a bunch of problems. However, since I’ve started using the Droid, I’ve practically become a spokesman, but I’ll try to do a fair evaluation of the different barcode scanning apps out there. Unlike my blackberry, my Droid did not come with pre-installed barcode scanning software so I had to go onto the Droid Market and pick from one of the many free scanning apps. I simply searched “barcode.”

Being as interested in barcode scanning as I am, I immediately downloaded 2 different scanning apps, “Barcode Scanner” written by ZXing Team (short for Zebra Cross… Google’s group) and “ScanLife” written by Scanbuy, Inc. I started testing the two, and quickly found out 2 things: 1. the Barcode Scanner tends to scan barcodes (especially distorted ones) much quicker than ScanLife and 2. That ScanLife uses the app to redirect users through the ScanLife website before going to the intended page to encourage users to register and pay ScanLife money to do so.

For this blog post, I then went and downloaded “ixMAT Scanner” by ixellence.com, “Mobile Tag” by Mobile Tag, and “Clic2C” by Mobile Data Systems.

ixMAT Scanner opened but resized the scanning screen in a weird way and had trouble reading even simple barcodes. Mobile Tag AND Clic2C would not open on the Droid so that was a waste of time. So I dug a little deeper and downloaded “DMReader” by DrHu which opened but had an odd interface where you had to tap the screen to focus and it has a limited list of barcodes that it actually works with comparitively. When I got far enough down the list that apps named things like “Virtual Bitchslap” started being listed, I decided I had done enough digging for code scanners and could name Barcode Scanner as a personal champion for my Droid. (Hope it helps.)


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2 Responses to Droid Barcode Scanning Apps Review

  1. Kristy says:

    Thanks Alex, this helps. I was looking for the best one to use with my Droid, so I appreciate the leg work and I now have to agree that Barcode Scanner tops the list.

  2. Chris G. says:

    I’ve tried them all, and the newest one that I’ve found that outdoes the rest (for now) is i-nigma by 3GVision Inc. It’s faster than Barcode Scanner & Scanlife. Check them out!

    ~~Chris G.

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